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Injury24th of April 2018

Simon’s Adventures in Podiatryland:  Part 3 – Never trust a 9 year old!

Here is a tale of a prodigious tennis talent who is only 9 years old, who came to see me with "shin splints".. or.. did she? Read on!

Injury17th of April 2018

Simon’s adventures in Podiatryland. Part 2 – a tale to make you weep..

Number 2 in a series of clinical cases hoisting BIG red flags to the top of the flag pole. In today's episode, midfoot pain.. but all is NOT as it seems.. read on..

Injury12th of April 2018

Ahh.. the things you will see! Part One – there be strange things out there!

In my career, i have been amazed at some of the things I have deal with over the years. Some very odd, some life-threatening, some just other worldly. Here is a little series to help you clinically, and to act as a warning to never sit in the comfort zone! First up.. a VERY unusual diagnosis for heel pain..

Miscellaneous11th of April 2018

The concept of neural tagging. If you understand this, you will understand injury, pain and recovery a lot better!

Ever wondered why sometimes some injuries are really recalcitrant? or why some athletes just get re injury after re injury? Neural tagging and central sensitization may provide some of the answers. And, you can do something about this clinically!

Breaking News4th of April 2018

Consensus statement on plantar heel pain

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons has released their Clinical Consensus Statement: Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult Acquired Infracalcaneal Heel Pain. It makes interesting reading.

Breaking News27th of March 2018

Does conventional footwear reduce intrinsic muscle strength?

Our old friend Dan Lieberman is at it again, this time publishing a paper contending that the use of conventional modern shoes is associated with weaker intrinsic foot muscles that may predispose individuals to reduced foot stiffness and potentially flat foot. OK.. well that needs a bit more investigation doesn't it?

Athletic Footwear19th of March 2018

Minimalist, maximalist, barefoot, cushioning? If you are still talking this way, you need to move on!

I recently listened to a podcast talking in part about footwear in these terms, and postulating what might or might not work. There was also a discussion about the effect of cushioning, and energy returning midsoles. It seems to me this is missing the point somewhat, and maybe not in step with the direction the footwear research world is taking. So.. if not cushioning, what should we be looking at?

Miscellaneous14th of March 2018

Biphosphonates and bone healing. A safe option?

In a world of new wonder treatments and a swag of the "next big things", we need to take a dispassionate look at the evidence for therapies, especially if it involves a medication. The use of biphosphonates has been suggested as a quick fix for stress fractures, but what is the evidence, and.. is it safe?

Injury7th of March 2018

A condition that causes increased tremor, greater postural sway, dangerous ligamentous laxity AND flat feet?

What if I told you that such a condition exists, and it is endemic in female athletes, AND, puts them at risk of injury? What if I told you that that this condition also predisposes to falls as a result of tremor and increased postural sway? And.. what if I told you it was completely avoidable, because all these conditions in female athletes are the result of..... ovulation!

Injury28th of February 2018

The knee and lower limb injuries. Should we abandon functional testing?

Athletes with a high frontal plane knee projection angle during a single leg squat are 2.7x more likely to sustain a lower extremity injury and 2.4x more likely to sustain an ankle injury. However, the single leg squat test is not sensitive/specific enough for screening. Should we therefore abandon this type of testing?

Injury26th of February 2018

More children being injured more often. A worrying trend.

This is really something to keep an eye on, because this new study indicated that not only are children being injured more often, but that the type of injury and the sex distribution is also changing. An important read..

Breaking News19th of February 2018

Patellofemoral pain, age, and the effect of orthoses.

An interesting new study has found that older individuals with patellofemoral pain (PFP) have less foot mobility than younger adults with PFP. How does this effect our management of these athletes?

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