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Miscellaneous15th of August 2017

Highlights from the 21st Biomechanics Summer School: Benno Nigg

Professor Benno Nigg is what might best be described as a Living Treasure of the biomechanics Community. A massive influence on several generations of biomechanists and clinicians, I feel very privileged to call him a friend and a mentor. He was one of 6 keynote lectures at this year's Summer School. This is what he had to say first up!

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Miscellaneous7th of August 2017

Highlights from The 21st Biomechanics Summer School: Luke Kelly

Dr. Luke Kelly is a very bright young Aussie podiatrist working at the University of Queensland. Recently he has published some groundbreaking research on the role of the plantar fascia and plantar intrinsic muscles. This is what he had to say at Biomechanics Summer School..

Miscellaneous1st of August 2017

Highlights from The 21st Biomechanics Summer School

Biomechanics Summer School is now in its 21st year, and I have been to 9 of them! It follows then that this is one of my favorite conferences. Small and intimate, with great content, when Kevin Kirby and I get together it also features The Tarsal Coalition, the world's oldest and worst boy is part one of the highlights.

Breaking News26th of July 2017

Fifth metatarsal fractures among male professional footballers

There is little information about Metatarsal Five (MT-5) fractures for specific sports. The objective was to study the occurrence, the imaging characteristics, the lay-off times and healing problems of MT-5 fractures among male footballers.

Breaking News17th of July 2017

What has research taught us in the last 10 years

research can be a hard task master.. or should that be mistress? But, the key is to have an open and inquisitive mind, because science is all about change!

Miscellaneous10th of July 2017

Flat feet vs hyperpronated feet: do they cause iliotibial band issues?

There are, once more, a lot of "quotation" icons here, demonstrating my scorn at not only these terms, but how they are misused and misunderstood, and also incorrectly attributed as the cause of injury.

Breaking News4th of July 2017

Orthoses and exercises work for Patellofemoral pain.. don't they??

Major chicken and egg situation here.. what do we do about it? Posting live from Hong Kong. here we go..

Athletic Footwear28th of June 2017

Foot movement in a shoe. How much is too much?

and more importantly, what should we be looking at, and what can we do about it?

Injury21st of June 2017

Pronation and running shoes: Time to conclude neither is important?

Delving through some archived pages, I found this, and it is interesting how in the space of a couple of years, we finally seem to be drilling down on a couple of important issues. That said, should we really be shifting away from the concept that "pronation" is at all important in terms of injury. And, where does footwear fit in? Read on..

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Breaking News19th of June 2017

Should rehab be painful?

This question brings to mind things like the Alfredson protocol which can involve quite a bit of pain for quite a bit of gain, but the question also raises even more questions. What's the answer?

Injury12th of June 2017

Foam Rolling, Tennis balls and self massage: Witchcraft or Science?

Do you recommend foam rolling or using a tennis ball to "release" those trigger points? Is there any evidence to support this practice, and how useful is it really to "stretch" a structure that does not stretch, for example, the ITB?

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