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Athletic Footwear28th of June 2017

Foot movement in a shoe. How much is too much?

and more importantly, what should we be looking at, and what can we do about it?

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Athletic Footwear5th of June 2017

When the lunatics take over the asylum

Sometimes, just occasionally, I am still shocked by elements of the running community and how they absolutely will NOT accept science over their own opinion.

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Athletic Footwear31st of May 2017

Why athletic footwear MUST be rounded.

With the NBL finals coming up soon, much attention has been paid to what the stars will be wearing. And what they will be wearing is very different to past years, because the sole contour is rounded. I bet 5 years ago you would have told your clients this would be a problem, but that was NEVER the case!

Athletic Footwear17th of May 2017

Yep, a shoes' age really DOES affect performance!

There is always a lot of chatter about when a shoe should be exchanged for new, but does anyone really know when, and if you don't change, what are the implications?

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Athletic Footwear9th of May 2017

Will springy soled shoes really give you a .."Boost".. BAM!

On February 14th, 2013, adidas announced a new and apparently revolutionary midsole material called 'BOOST", comprising a new process developed by chemical giant BASF, in which thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is encapsulated to form thousands of tiny "energy capsules. It claimed massive improvements in "energy return" and rebound, but, do we really care?

Athletic Footwear10th of April 2017

Practical Considerations in Choosing Athletic Footwear

It might not be exactly as you think.. or maybe even hope!! Read on...

Athletic Footwear3rd of April 2017

Part 2 of Cregg Weinmann's running reviews for 2017!

In Part 2, Cregg tackles Hoka, NB, ON and on!

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Athletic Footwear30th of March 2017

Our (mostly) tame in house shoe guru Cregg Weinmann gives us the good oil-Part !

Cregg Weinmann is a running shoe journalist and expert, and here he runs (haha!) us through his thoughts on some brand new product, in 2 parts!

Athletic Footwear7th of March 2017

Loading rate, peak vertical GRF and injury: Why are we still having this discussion?

Many people hang their hat on the concept that loading rate of vertical ground reaction force peaks should define how you run or whether you will get injured. They don't and they won't! read on..

Athletic Footwear19th of January 2017

Is minimalist footwear a viable treatment tool? You bet it is!

I know this seems a little out of character for me, but I think you need to be considering how you can use minimalist footwear to treat your patient!

Athletic Footwear13th of December 2016

Rocker Bottom Running Shoes: What do they do?

Some claim that these shoes might affect musculoskeletal performance, however, scientific information has not yet kept pace with their development and purported effects.

Athletic Footwear7th of December 2016

The Running Event 2016 – The good, the bad and the ugly. Part 2

One of the big reasons to attend TRE is to chat with retail about trends they see at the coalface, and to get a barometer on what is what with the brands.

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