Injury24th of April 2018

Simon’s Adventures in Podiatryland:  Part 3 – Never trust a 9 year old!

Here is a tale of a prodigious tennis talent who is only 9 years old, who came to see me with "shin splints".. or.. did she? Read on!

Injury17th of April 2018

Simon’s adventures in Podiatryland. Part 2 – a tale to make you weep..

Number 2 in a series of clinical cases hoisting BIG red flags to the top of the flag pole. In today's episode, midfoot pain.. but all is NOT as it seems.. read on..

Injury12th of April 2018

Ahh.. the things you will see! Part One – there be strange things out there!

In my career, i have been amazed at some of the things I have deal with over the years. Some very odd, some life-threatening, some just other worldly. Here is a little series to help you clinically, and to act as a warning to never sit in the comfort zone! First up.. a VERY unusual diagnosis for heel pain..

Injury7th of March 2018

A condition that causes increased tremor, greater postural sway, dangerous ligamentous laxity AND flat feet?

What if I told you that such a condition exists, and it is endemic in female athletes, AND, puts them at risk of injury? What if I told you that that this condition also predisposes to falls as a result of tremor and increased postural sway? And.. what if I told you it was completely avoidable, because all these conditions in female athletes are the result of..... ovulation!

Injury28th of February 2018

The knee and lower limb injuries. Should we abandon functional testing?

Athletes with a high frontal plane knee projection angle during a single leg squat are 2.7x more likely to sustain a lower extremity injury and 2.4x more likely to sustain an ankle injury. However, the single leg squat test is not sensitive/specific enough for screening. Should we therefore abandon this type of testing?

Injury26th of February 2018

More children being injured more often. A worrying trend.

This is really something to keep an eye on, because this new study indicated that not only are children being injured more often, but that the type of injury and the sex distribution is also changing. An important read..

Injury2nd of February 2018

KT Tape has just settled a law suit, but, does it work?

KT tape has become the latest to suffer the indignity of a USA class action on the basis of making false claims, but that does not seem to stop athletes and clinicians using it. Not withstanding, KT tape remains one of the most divisive and controversial products in use in the discipline of sports medicine. So, does its efficacy have any support in science? well, probably not much.. but does than mean it does not work? read on..

Injury30th of January 2018

The tendon loading and maturation process is different for adolescents than adults.

If you treat youth and adolescent athletes, this is a very important paper. It absolutely underlines the fact that the rules of loading and tendon maturation are different for adolescents than for adults and that we must therefore develop different training strategies for these athletes.

Injury23rd of January 2018

Do orthoses have a role in the treatment of Patellofemoral pain in runners?

Quite a controversial question, and one being loudly debated at present. It just goes to underline my philosophy, "look up and look down to fix the bit in the middle"! but back to the question, is it appropriate to use orthoses in the management of patellofemoral pain, and, do they work?

life doc.jpg
Injury17th of January 2018

Is it excessive pronation, or, a lack of pronation control?

With all the palaver being written and spoken in relation to foot pronation, it might be time to try to get a better handle on exactly what it is we are discussing. I think it is crystal clear that we cannot accurately define the term "overpronation'", so we should stop using it, but what else might we be dealing with??

Injury15th of January 2018

Is there ANY point to mixed intervention studies?

I am tempted to make this the world's shortest blog and simply say.. NO! But... let's take a deep breathe and analyse a very recent paper that is a shining example of everything that is wrong with this type of study..

Injury8th of January 2018

Plantaris as a cause of midsubstance Achilles tendon pain.

This is REALLY worth considering when you assess midsubstance Achilles tendinopathy. New imaging technology, specifically Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation or UTC, may help to clarify the diagnosis.

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