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Miscellaneous11th of April 2018

The concept of neural tagging. If you understand this, you will understand injury, pain and recovery a lot better!

Ever wondered why sometimes some injuries are really recalcitrant? or why some athletes just get re injury after re injury? Neural tagging and central sensitization may provide some of the answers. And, you can do something about this clinically!

Miscellaneous14th of March 2018

Biphosphonates and bone healing. A safe option?

In a world of new wonder treatments and a swag of the "next big things", we need to take a dispassionate look at the evidence for therapies, especially if it involves a medication. The use of biphosphonates has been suggested as a quick fix for stress fractures, but what is the evidence, and.. is it safe?

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Miscellaneous1st of January 2018

5 emerging clinical technologies you NEED to know about

The world is moving fast, and here at Bartold Biomechanics, we are committed to making sure you know EXACTLY what is going on. Here are 5 technologies that only a few years ago would have been considered experimental, but in 2018, they are now considered mainstream, and you will be exposed to these techniques in your clinical practices.

Miscellaneous27th of December 2017

The 10 great myths of running

A little while ago, Competitor magazine ran an article entitled 'The 10 Biggest Myths About Running'. To finish 2017 off with a bang, I thought I might revisit this and put my own 2 cents worth in!

Miscellaneous6th of November 2017

Postcard from the New York City Marathon

My man on the ground report on this year's NYC Marathon.. you will laugh.. you will cry.. ohh the drama!

Miscellaneous24th of August 2017

Highlights from the 21st Biomechanics Summer School: Prof Jim Woodburn

Jim Woodburn and I go back to the days when we both had full heads of hair.. some time ago! So I was really thrilled he was one of the Keynotes at this year's BSS. And his topic, Biomechanics of the Foot in Inflammatory Arthritis could hardly be more timely!

Miscellaneous15th of August 2017

Highlights from the 21st Biomechanics Summer School: Benno Nigg

Professor Benno Nigg is what might best be described as a Living Treasure of the biomechanics Community. A massive influence on several generations of biomechanists and clinicians, I feel very privileged to call him a friend and a mentor. He was one of 6 keynote lectures at this year's Summer School. This is what he had to say first up!

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Miscellaneous7th of August 2017

Highlights from The 21st Biomechanics Summer School: Luke Kelly

Dr. Luke Kelly is a very bright young Aussie podiatrist working at the University of Queensland. Recently he has published some groundbreaking research on the role of the plantar fascia and plantar intrinsic muscles. This is what he had to say at Biomechanics Summer School..

Miscellaneous1st of August 2017

Highlights from The 21st Biomechanics Summer School

Biomechanics Summer School is now in its 21st year, and I have been to 9 of them! It follows then that this is one of my favorite conferences. Small and intimate, with great content, when Kevin Kirby and I get together it also features The Tarsal Coalition, the world's oldest and worst boy band..here is part one of the highlights.

Miscellaneous10th of July 2017

Flat feet vs hyperpronated feet: do they cause iliotibial band issues?

There are, once more, a lot of "quotation" icons here, demonstrating my scorn at not only these terms, but how they are misused and misunderstood, and also incorrectly attributed as the cause of injury.

Miscellaneous18th of May 2017

Does Peroneal tendinosis predispose to lateral ankle sprain?

A painful episode in the region of the peroneal tendons, within the retromalleolar groove, is a common precipitating event of an acute lateral ankle sprain, and as this new paper shows, footstrike pattern plays a role as well.

Miscellaneous16th of May 2017

Heel counters and heel collars have NO effect on athletic performance!

Why do people insist that the heel counter or heel collar of a shoe play and important performance role? For years I have been arguing, hopefully with the science on my side, that these footwear components make no difference. This new study underlines the point.

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