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Technical Retail25th of January 2017

Everyone needs orthoses.. right?

A great question from tech retail in relation to the practice of "on-selling" orthoses.

Technical Retail24th of May 2016

Retail is just NOT listening to the current thoughts on pronation!

Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing, retail is still tied to the 'antipronation' and 'control' models of footwear prescription. This is a problem, because it is very wrong.

Technical Retail13th of January 2016

One of the most asked questions: How long will my shoe last?

I recently was interviewed for a running magazine on this very topic, and I thought I would share my thoughts from that interview, and expand on them a little.

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Technical Retail3rd of November 2015

Six technologies that are shaping the running shoe paradigm

The humble running shoe is not as humble as it once was. Its function is still to cover the running foot and offer a measure of protection, though the demand of the consumer is for something that offers more than mere foot covering.

Technical Retail26th of March 2014

Gender differences and footwear - there really IS a difference!

Have you ever noticed than men and women are different? At all sorts of levels I have noticed this for some time, but despite my many years at the coalface of technical athletic footwear, it still seems the big manufacturers are a little slow to catch onto this fact.

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Technical Retail7th of August 2013

Minimalism, traditional and now maximalism. Part 2

If you read all the way through part 1 of this article, you may have the impression I think no good has come from the recent minimalist trend. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Technical Retail7th of August 2013

Minimalism, traditional and now maximalism. Part 1

What do we make of the new 'maximalist' trend? Where did that one come from and what about traditional footwear? Was it really so badly broken that it needed to be fixed?

Technical Retail8th of July 2013

Selecting the right running shoe

Tom has graciously invited me to write this article for his excellent website, and I am very excited to share my thoughts. But, somewhere at the back of my mind, I am thinking, "Sheez... I feel like I just got thrown under the bus!" Now why would that be?

Technical Retail3rd of May 2013

Shoe sizing systems - what a mess!

A source of great international consternation within the footwear industry, is the fact that there is no standard shoe size system.

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Technical Retail19th of April 2013

What IS minimalism?

It seems I cannot open a newspaper or an on-line running blog without hearing the term "minimalism". The problem I have reading about this is that most of what is said is based on folklore and conjecture, with very little or no basis in the hard cold world of footwear science.

Technical Retail5th of March 2013

Plantar heel pain: What it is, how to recognise it, and what to do about it

Plantar heel pain is one of the most common and troublesome conditions in the community. Technical retail are often confronted by this problem. In this article, I discuss what you need to know.

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