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Athletic Footwear28th of June 2017

Foot movement in a shoe. How much is too much?

and more importantly, what should we be looking at, and what can we do about it?

Injury21st of June 2017

Pronation and running shoes: Time to conclude neither is important?

Delving through some archived pages, I found this, and it is interesting how in the space of a couple of years, we finally seem to be drilling down on a couple of important issues. That said, should we really be shifting away from the concept that "pronation" is at all important in terms of injury. And, where does footwear fit in? Read on..

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Breaking News19th of June 2017

Should rehab be painful?

This question brings to mind things like the Alfredson protocol which can involve quite a bit of pain for quite a bit of gain, but the question also raises even more questions. What's the answer?

Injury12th of June 2017

Foam Rolling, Tennis balls and self massage: Witchcraft or Science?

Do you recommend foam rolling or using a tennis ball to "release" those trigger points? Is there any evidence to support this practice, and how useful is it really to "stretch" a structure that does not stretch, for example, the ITB?

Breaking News7th of June 2017

Is snoring a risk factor for fragility fracture?

Well, this question fills me with fear, because I may, or may not, have been known to snore a bit. Cannot confirm or deny! Some intriguing new research sheds some light on this..

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Athletic Footwear5th of June 2017

When the lunatics take over the asylum

Sometimes, just occasionally, I am still shocked by elements of the running community and how they absolutely will NOT accept science over their own opinion.

Breaking News1st of June 2017

Exercise changes your DNA in ways that make you live longer

Telomeres are the repetitive sections at the end of each chromosome that have been associated with longevity. Put simply, the longer the telomere, the longer the life. New research investigated the effect of physical activity on telomere length, and - perhaps unsurprisingly - found a positive association with physical activity.

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Athletic Footwear31st of May 2017

Why athletic footwear MUST be rounded.

With the NBL finals coming up soon, much attention has been paid to what the stars will be wearing. And what they will be wearing is very different to past years, because the sole contour is rounded. I bet 5 years ago you would have told your clients this would be a problem, but that was NEVER the case!

Injury22nd of May 2017

Why running is bad for you.

Running is a very high-risk activity in relation to injury. Between 6 and 8 out of 10 people who take up running WILL get injured. So, surely it is time to start recommending that people stop running.. right?

Miscellaneous18th of May 2017

Does Peroneal tendinosis predispose to lateral ankle sprain?

A painful episode in the region of the peroneal tendons, within the retromalleolar groove, is a common precipitating event of an acute lateral ankle sprain, and as this new paper shows, footstrike pattern plays a role as well.

Athletic Footwear17th of May 2017

Yep, a shoes' age really DOES affect performance!

There is always a lot of chatter about when a shoe should be exchanged for new, but does anyone really know when, and if you don't change, what are the implications?

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