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Injury13th of April 2017

Calcaneal spurs: Are they clinically relevant?

Historically, we have been taught to view a heel spur as a secondary complication to plantar fasciitis, and not a part of the pain syndrome. It seems these thought processes have changed.

Athletic Footwear10th of April 2017

Practical Considerations in Choosing Athletic Footwear

It might not be exactly as you think.. or maybe even hope!! Read on...

Injury5th of April 2017

An association between Achilles tendinopathy, blood supply and pronation?

A new study draws the rather startling conclusion that excessive foot pronation reduces blood supply to the Achilles tendon and this may be a factor in Achilles tendinopathy. Let's take a look..

Athletic Footwear3rd of April 2017

Part 2 of Cregg Weinmann's running reviews for 2017!

In Part 2, Cregg tackles Hoka, NB, ON and on!

361 sensation.jpg
Athletic Footwear30th of March 2017

Our (mostly) tame in house shoe guru Cregg Weinmann gives us the good oil-Part !

Cregg Weinmann is a running shoe journalist and expert, and here he runs (haha!) us through his thoughts on some brand new product, in 2 parts!

Miscellaneous13th of March 2017

An elephant in the room? More like a mastadon!!

A child of 8 presents without symptoms but has their navicular dragging on the floor.. what to do.. what to do??

Athletic Footwear7th of March 2017

Loading rate, peak vertical GRF and injury: Why are we still having this discussion?

Many people hang their hat on the concept that loading rate of vertical ground reaction force peaks should define how you run or whether you will get injured. They don't and they won't! read on..

Injury23rd of February 2017

Should I run it out coach?

Why are we so afraid of pain? We can make it work to our advantage..

Breaking News21st of February 2017

The Bartold Bulletin Number 2!

All the news and data from the Runner's World Running Symposium at ISPO in Munich. Some REAL surprises here.

Injury13th of February 2017

RED-S: what is it, and does it help us understand the female athlete better?

It is important to understand the difference between the new REDS classification compared to the Female Athlete Triad.

Gait Analysis9th of February 2017

5 years on, can gait re-training be considered a valid tool?

Just like another trend that hit us a while ago, a lot of extravagant claims have been made for the merits of gait retraining. Does it live up to the hype?

Breaking News6th of February 2017

Do foot orthoses and shock-absorbing insoles work for the prevention of injury?

Quite a big question really. And what about prefab vs custom, is one better than the other? read on..

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